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This website contains information about Native American powwows that are widely held in the US and Canada today. As a tribute to Native American culture, non-Indians all over the world host their own powwows with Native American singing and dancing, also in Denmark.

30th Copenhagen Powwow - Anniversary powwow
Saturday April 25, 2020
Doors open at noon. Grand Entry at 1 PM and Grand Exit at 6 PM
Venue: Tre Falke Skolen, Sønderjyllands Alle 4, 2000 Frederiksberg.

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The purpose of powwows.dk
As we borrow traditions from a different culture, we also have an obligation to represent this culture as correctly and respectfully as possible. The purpose of powwow.dk is to urge people with dance outfits to show their respect for the Native American culture by doing research, so that their outfits become as authentic as possible. We also wish to give people a general knowledge of what takes place during a powwow and why. It is important to our Native American friends that we display the proper sincerity and respect, so that they can appreciate that powwows are being held in Denmark.

Powwows.dk focuses on powwows, so information about the many other facets of the Native American culture must be obtained elsewhere. The editors do not claim to be experts on powwows, but we see a need to collect as much information as possible in order to help people get started on their research. Therefore we wish to make this information public to all who wish to learn.

Powwow Calendar

Two annual powwows:

April 25, 2020 - see info to the left

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August 15, 2020, Grand Entry 1 PM
Outdoor venue at Eagleroad, south of Aarhus (near Skanderborg):

Read more on homepage: aarhuspowwow.mono.net

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The Danish powwows are organized by independent powwow committees.
Danes who share an interest in the many different aspects of Native American culture in the US and Canada can join the Danish association called Dansk-indiansk Forening.



German powwow calendar

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