Powwow Dancing

Native American powwow dancing includes a range of different dance styles for men and women in dance outfits, as well as intertribals and social dances where everyone can participate. Furthermore, a number of specials take place at each powwow; specials are certain ceremonious dances honoring a person and these specials are sponsored by the extended family. Today, powwows often focus on the dance and singing contests with large cash prizes, but the socials and specials are equally important during a powwow as they play an important part in the lives of Native American families.

Dances Styles
These are some of the most common powwow dance styles:

Social dances
These are the types of social dances most often used at powwows in Denmark:

Rabbit Dance
Two Step

These are the most common types of specials used at powwows in Denmark:

Honor Song
Birthday Dance
Blanket Dance